This is a free tool for large and small retailers. It allows you to grade any retail location you are considering by comparing it to other, existing locations for retailers in your category.

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About Us is a real time analytics platform, developed by Richard Fenker and Vadim Kovalenko at World Forecasting Systems, for helping small and large retailers evaluate the suitability of any retail location in the United States for their concept. The technology, scoring system and Google Maps interface was developed over a five-year period and has been tested on 800,000 US retail locations.

Every year in the US approximately 500,000 new retailers/restaurants open stores... and approximately 500,000 existing stores close. A big factor in store closures is location. Small retailers and even many larger chains open stores in locations that are very likely to fail. This is not the only factor tied to store failure (economics, weak operations and inadequate financing are other big ones) but at least half of these closures are due, in part, to location quality.

Our purpose in releasing a free location grade as part of is to be sure that any US retailer who is considering opening a store knows how well this location compares to other US locations for the same kind of retail --- so they can make an informed decision.

Brokers, property owners and friends often intend well when they steer you to specific locations that are convenient, inexpensive and available but they cannot tell you how the location compares to other locations, in your market, that are also available. We can because our scoring system is tied to all 4,000,000 retail locations in the US.

We want you to succeed when you open a new store in any location. That is why we offer you a free evaluation of the site that you are considering. If you want more detail we are glad to provide it with our Full Report and Consulting Services if needed.